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Guest Edited by
Poppy, Senior Embroidery Specialist and Social Media Content Manager
At Initially London, we pride ourselves on monogramming your orders onsite here at Parson's Green. Our team of talented artisans are inspired by everything to do with monogramming.
Taking a odern approach to customisation but not forgetting its origins from the classical periods of the Romans and the Greeks, we believe that adding a personalised touch to your products makes it stand out from the crowd wherever it may be placed. Still relevant today, there is definitely something so special; whilst holding sentimental value by adding either yours or your families initials to either a pillowcase to a luxury bag. Our mantra  is... we can monogram practically anything!  If we can't stitch it, we will laser etch it. 
Here are some smart ways to use our monogrammed accessories and home goods

 Elevate your Settee with a Monogrammed Pillow

monogrammed velvet cushions from initially London
What a great way to elevate your settee by adding monogrammed pillows! Adding bold font styles onto primary colours can be daunting but can have the ability to create a strong interior presence to your living space. A personal favourite of ours here in the studio.
From left to right, featuring fonts 'CircleBaroque & Monogram Chic' (bespoke font)

Create a show-stopping tablescape 

Monogrammed linen napkins from initially London  Whilst hosting guests or for intimate family gatherings why not add a beautiful monogrammed napkin to their placemat? The monogrammed touch highlights the beauty of being able to host friends and family again. It can also be gifted to them after so they can always remember those fond memories of being around the table once again..
Featured on the scalloped napkin is a bespoke font 'Skyvine'

Monogram your Kitchen

Monogrammed tea towels from initially London
Showcase your monogram in your kitchen by hanging a monogrammed tea towel. The most perfect way to elevate your kitchen space and make your oven look 'sophisticated' A firm favourite in the studio as it is extremely versatile and fits every font and thread colour. Can be easily tailored to fit your kitchen colours and aesthetic.
From left to right featuring fonts, 'Fancy, Monogram chic & Copperplate' 

Showcase your Initials in your bedroom

monogrammed velvet cushion from Initially London
A monogram can be found in your bedroom and look bold on any of your household items. Look how great it looks on our Laptop case and cushion cover. The interior aesthetic is to die for and clearly shows that monograms are gender neutral..
Featuring our fonts 'Copperplate & Modern Block'

Drink In Style

Personalised travel bartending kit from initially LondonA graphic and bold way to showcase a monogram is on our mixiologist set. The graphic font and strong colour is poinent translated into a monogram. It's sure to captivate your peers whilst mixing up a beverage!  
Featured is our 'Circle' Font

Take a more traditional approach

monogrammed tissue box cover from Initially London
Placed in your bedroom or your living room, a monogrammed tissue box is a great item to have in your space. A more traditional product it oozes a tailored, stylised approach to victorian interior whilst having the capability to be a centre piece in a modern setting.
Featured is our font ' Monogram chic'

Be Bold With Your Monogram

monogrammed jute tote bag from initially LondonFor a cute bold font staple try our shadow font on our jute bags; it looks great with the two tone colour combo linked in with the neutral colour of the natural bag 
A must for going out shopping or lazing around on the beach to fit all those essentials
Font featured is our beloved 'Shadow Font'
We look forward to hearing about your monogram ideas soon!
Poppy x

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