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Christmas Shopping Events


It's not too early to think about your Christmas shopping.  This year's Christmas is going to be unlike any other, so this year's Christmas fairs are unusual too:  all online, all exceptionally well curated and some supporting lovely charities. The list is constantly being updated so please check in regularly.  The events include:

Almost Essential's Virtual Christmas Pop-up:  11 November to 31 December

Carefully curated gifts and services too... Michelle from Almost Essential has impeccable taste.  Her pop-ups are usually rather glamorous affairs with canapés and drinks served by butlers, interesting music and absolutely gorgeous stalls.  It's all virtual this year, of course, but it's still a great place to source gorgeous gifts for people who like to entertain.

City Christmas Fair in support of Wellbeing of Women - 9 to 16th November

This glamorous charity Christmas fair is normally held at Drapers Hall in the City of London and raises £50,000 in a single day for much-needed research. This year it's moved online but it promises to be just as lovely and will hopefully raise (exceed?!) its fundraising target nonetheless. The fantastic charity it supports is Wellbeing of Women which invests in pioneering research into women's health issues, finds cures, develops new tests and treatments that will save and change the lives of women, girls and babies.

Shop here www.citychristmasfair.com  and use discount code WoW20 to get 10% off and to ensure 10% of your purchase goes to the charity.  Follow them on Instagram @citychristmasfair for more updates.

Virtually Wrapped - 5 November to 13th November

This small, private and well-curated event will be a lovely way to shop for very pretty gifts.  Follow the fair on Instagram to get a feel for the truly gorgeous independent brands that are participating in the fair.  And of course visit the website when it goes live on 5 November:  www.virtuallywrappedchristmas.com.  Use the code VW2020 throughout the site for special discounts.


The Smart Christmas Shop supporting Smart Works Reading - 16 November to 13 December

This is an annual event in Marlow that we always want to attend but can't due to conflicting obligations.  But this year it's virtual and we're delighted to be involved.   Check out the website when it goes life on 16 November: https://www.thesmartchristmasshop.co.uk and use the discount code SMART10 throughout the site for 10% off all purchases and to ensure a further 10% goes to the charity.


The Early Early Christmas Fair:   21 September  and ongoing

This is a gorgeous charity fair raising money for the ABF Solders Charity.  There are over 150 independent retailers participating, each one hand-picked by the organisers.  Visit www.eec.org.uk to begin shopping and use the promotion code EECVF to get 10% off anything on our website throughout the fair.  An additional 10% of your purchase value will go to the charity.  Due to the success of the original event, it has been extended through Christmas.  


The Rugby Portobello Trust Fair:  15 - 18 November

RPT is a children's, youth and family support charity that has been operating in North Kensington for over 130 years. The charity provides a range of sporting, cultural and educational activities which are delivered in the daytime, evenings and during holidays, both on and off site.  Their annual Christmas market is a lovely event raising money for this important charity which is local to us.  Check out the fair's website to keep up date:  https://rptchristmasmarket.wordpress.com
Use code RPT31 to get 10% off everything on our website throughout the three days of the fair.  An additional 10% of your purchase will go to the charity. 

Thomas's Schools Fair - 19 November from 10am for 24 hours

This is one of our locals schools raising money through an unbelievably well-curated Christmas Fair.  Lots of lovely independent retailers focused on childrenswear, home goods (that's where you'll find us), fashion accessories, food and drink and more.  Check out the website www.thomassfair.co.uk to read more about the fair and the school charity it benefits.  The discount code is THOMASSFAIR. 

LUXE Life & Style Christmas Collective

This is a brand new event and details are being firmed up, but it promises to be a lovely, curated shopping event.  Stay tuned for details.

Country Living Christmas Artisan Pop-up Market: 6-8 November (now finished)

Since the popular Country Living Christmas fair has been cancelled this year, the magazine is sponsoring this lovely "shop small" event instead. The Artisan Pop-Up Market offers you the opportunity to shop at home while supporting hundreds of artisan British exhibitors.  We're thrilled to be a part of this event and here's how you join in:

1.  Follow @clartisans on Instagram and use the link in the Instagram bio to register your email address
2.  Or visit their website to sign up if you don't use Instagram. 
3. Browse the artisans in advance using the Event Guide which will be sent to you one week before the Pop-Up Market.
4. Watch for an email just before the market opens, on Friday 6th November at noon.
5. Follow the link in the email and you'll be taken to a directory of artisans and their discount codes. The codes will be valid from noon on Friday 6th November to midnight on Sunday 8th November only.
6. Shop small and make a big difference, directly from our artisans' websites!

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