Meet the team!

It's International Women's day today and what a great way to kick start the day to introduce and celebrate our incredibly talented team here at Parsons Green...


First of all we have our founder Jane's page, a snippet into what she is passionate about and a small excerpt of her life in and outside of the studio.
Here's a few words her colleagues would like to say about her to celebrate her this International Women's day... 
 'Jane took a leap of faith leaving a corporate job to start her own business and meanwhile has built a strong and creative team'
'Jane makes the studio a positive and comfortable space'
' She is the ultimate female boss, she is extremely hardworking and is really passionate about her profession and team'


 Holly looks after the Operations and Marketing side of the business. She has been at IL since 2019. Here is an insight into the world of Holly and what makes her tick in and outside of the studio! Check out Holly's website, where she showcases all her amazing Textile prints!

'Holly is multitalented, her work ethic is inspiring and she is always willing to help and put others first'

'What I admire about Holly is how professional and dedicated she is in her role at IL. An exceptional lady who can juggle literally anything thrown at her!'

'Caring and extremely attentive'


 Natalia is our Assistant Studio Manager. She has been at IL since 2021. Take a look at Natalia's world in and outside of IL. Check out Natalia's own Textile work on her website

'Natalia's presence within the studio makes me smile, she reminds me of a work octopus by how she multitasks all her jobs to fit in one day!'

'She is always willing to help and always is attentive towards all the team at IL'

'Her ability to cheer everyone up by playing her feel good playlists and she always makes the studio environment really fun'



Rosie is our Head of Embroidery at IL and looks after everything to do with machine embroidery to hand embroidery! She has been part of the team since 2018. Get to know Rosie by reading a short excerpt into her passions in and outside of IL. Be sure to check Rosie's website where she showcases her extensive Textile work.

'Rosie has the ability to create the most intricate and most beautiful products'

'She is always so calm and collected'

'Rosie is methodical in everything she does'


 Clarissa is our Head of Digitizing since 2021 and looks after all the bespoke embroidery orders, so if you have a logo or an image you would love to digitize Clarissa can do it! Take a look into Clarissa's world inside and outside of IL..

'Very motivated and hard working.. always willing to take on a challenge'

'Clarissa's technical skills in embroidery are extensive-she knows the software inside/out'

'The female robot, she is fast paced and is an embroidery enthusiast'



Poppy is our Senior Embroidery Specialist/ Digital Content Creator. Poppy joined the IL team in 2021. Check out her graduate digital embroidery work on Get to know Poppy in and outside of IL by reading a short extract about her..

'Poppy has a willingness to learn new things and loves the ability to be able to grow in the company'

'I love her eye for style, colour and detail' 

'Pops always makes me smile, everything she does is perfect down to a T, especially with her attention to detail'



 Prisca is a Senior Digital Embroidery specialist. Prisca joined the IL team in 2021. Alongside her work at IL, she specialises in incredible hand embroidery and beading. Take a look at Prisca's world in and outside of IL..

'Always has such a positive energy'

'Prisca's patience is a virtue'

'She is incredibly focused, dedicated and powers through her work with a smile on her face'


Thank you so much for reading about our team! We hope you enjoyed getting to know the faces behind all your personalised products.

Love, IL team x      









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