Same Day Embroidery in London

Did you know we can usually offer a same day embroidery service? It is always best to give us a call first on 0800 1560878 to double check we can fit you in. But we love a challenge! Last minute gifts, logo embroidery or personalising something for an event... we've got you!

The studio is open from 9:30am to 5pm Monday through Friday at 19 A 1 Heathman's Road, London, SW6 4TJ. 

same day embroidery service in London

 What we need to know to embroider your product:

1. What you would like embroidered. We price embroidery on size, so this could be a logo, full name, initials, slogan.... we can embroider just about anything! 

2. Font style.

3. Thread colours. 

5. Placement on the product. 

That's it! We can do this over the phone, email, or you are welcome to pop in to the studio and go though everything with our friendly and skilled team. 

Case Studies

👕Lucy came to us a week before her wedding anniversary with an idea. She wanted to embroider the date of her and her partners first ever date, on the shirt he wore that day. We embroidered the white shirt in white thread for a subtle look - this one was for sentiment over visual impact. It was so special and we are sure that that shirt will be treasured forever. 

👩‍🍳Hugh had a restaurant opening and bought in his team's uniform to pop on the logo of the restaurant. In a day the aprons, jackets and shirts were transformed from simple uniforms to personalised, professional workwear which showed off his fabulous branding. 

🤫 Sarah bought us in her favourite cashmere jumper. It had a small pull on the left chest area but the rest of the jumper was still beautiful and had a lot of life left in it. We embroidered her monogram over the thread pull, protecting the fabric and covering the defect. Mindful mending at its best.  

❤️It's Valentines Day and Mark wanted his children's hand and foot prints to be embroidered on a tee for his wife. We digitised the paint prints, and sewed them onto a tee in pretty blue shades. Adding the dates and children's names below the prints. Now she can hold these special moments close to her heart forever! 


Pricing for bring your own monogrammed goods is based on the number of stitches, which is a direct correlation to the size and complexity of the design. So please email us on with your design ideas so  we can give you an accurate quote. But as a general guide:

  • Smaller items such as handkerchiefs start at our flat rate of £15.00, for quantities greater than 10 we can discount this to £12.50 per item
  • Linens, shirts and tees - £18.00
  • Medium items such as wash bags and tote bags - £20.00  
  • Large Items such as robes embroidered on the back, pillowcases, throws, yoga mats and baskets - £30.00  
  • Extra large items such as duvets and upholstery (even horse jackets) - £60.00

All prices include VAT.  Quantity discounts may be applied for the same design on multiple items (such as sets of napkins, towels, etc). 




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