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So Cute!  It's Jute!
We've just launched the first two bags in our new line of braided jute tote bags.  We've been looking for great bags in this incredible natural fibre for ages so we are thrilled that they're finally here and ready for you to enjoy.  These bags are so darn cute we can't decide which is our favourite.  And we've got more coming in the next month or so.  

Why We Love Jute

Our bags are made of 100% jute... no leather handles, no metal fixings, no hard base or feet required.  They are strong, silky soft and fold flat for easy packing.  We just LOVE jute.  Why?  Well, let us count the ways...

1.  Jute is a long, shiny fibre sourced from the jute plant which is native to India, Bangladesh, China and other countries with the rainy, humid conditions needed to grow the plant.  It's been used for clothing since the days of Mughal rule and the Han Dynasty.  We love that longevity.


2.  Jute has a golden colour in its natural state which we think is just gorgeous.  However, it takes dyes readily so almost any colour is a possibility.  For our bags, we've gone with neutral colours that will showcase a colourful monogram well.

3.  Jute is sustainable and eco-friendly:  it requires very little fertiliser or pesticides, it relies on rainwater and humidity for moisture and it is biodegradable.  Jute consumes three times more CO2 and therefore emits that much more oxygen that the average tree.  

4.  Jute is a humble fibre that can be transformed in to a glamorous bag which is just the kind of material we love to work with, and jute so easily joins linen, cotton and hemp in our product line. It's an all-year-round material that looks equally at home on the streets of London and on a beach in the Mediterranean.

Have a look at our fantastic new bags and stay tuned for a few more that will arrive in March.

Here's the new Perivale Tote, a round navy jute shoulder bag with a gorgeous clip-on tassel that has tones of neon orange, gold and brown.  We love it with a neon orange Intertwined shape monogram as shown here, but this gorgeous neutral bag will take any thread colour for the monogram if you want to take the tassel off and add pink, white, yellow or metallic thread colours.
And here's our Canonbury Tote, a perfectly proportioned shoulder bag that features cream, navy and natural jute.  It's got a cute pompom tassel with navy and beige tones.  We've monogrammed it in a thread colour called Linen and a lettering font called Oklahoma here:


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