Paris Sac - Initially London
Paris Sac - Initially London Paris Sac - Initially London
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The Paris Sac is a simply gorgeous linen tote bag we found in the gorgeous city of its name.  It is the perfect shopping bag or all-around tote because it's both chic and practical.  The bag is generous but spacious with a gusseted bottom and flat woven jute handles so it is comfortable to carry in hand or over the shoulder. 

The Paris Sac is made of 100% linen and is lightweight, sturdy and elegant with no buttons, buckles or zippers.  The inner linen lining comes in two colours, grey and white, and just peeks out as you carry the bag.  The outer natural linen layer is the perfect blank canvas for an elaborate monogram in almost any colour.  You should choose grey or white thread for the monogram to keep a harmonic look.  Or try a bright neon monogram to give it a pop of colour.  Another idea is a navy or tone-on-tone linen thread colour to give it a more subtle look.  

When you need a really elegant gift, or feel like you need a little treat, this is it.

Composition: 100% linen.

Dimensions: 60cm x 35cm.

Care: Wipe clean only. 

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