Bottle Apron
Bottle Apron Bottle Apron Bottle Apron Bottle Apron
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How cute is this?  Whether you want a whimsical addition to bottle of champagne or wine as a gift, or just want to dress up a bottle of wine or olive oil that sits on your kitchen counter, the monogrammed Bottle Aoron is such a great way to do either.  It is made of white cotton and comes with a chef’s hat that fits neatly on the bottle top.  

Monogram with a single initial in great font, or a fun shape style like the Circle font used here, or a name, phrase or even a corporate logo (contact us via our Bespoke page to discuss rates for logos).  

Bottle Aprons obviously make great gifts and patry favours.  

Made of 100% white cotton but it also comes in black by special order.  

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