Digby Pet Carrier
Digby Pet Carrier Digby Pet Carrier Digby Pet Carrier Digby Pet Carrier
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Our Digby Pet Carrier is a tote bag adapted for your four legged friend who prefers to ride rather than walk. If you've ever wished you could pop your cat or dog in your shoulder bag and head out the door, the Digby Pet Carrier was made just for you.

It is made of durable cotton canvas with navy bottom, handles and trim and weighs less than 3 lbs without a pet inside. It looks a lot like our Maine Boat Tote but with a 'window' for your pet to stick his/her head out as and when.

Personalise it with your pet's name, your house name or your own name... that bit we leave up to you.  

Features include a zipped closure across the top, a cosy cushion on the bottom to make sure your pet is comfortable and an internal clip to attach to the collar for security.

Measures 30cm high x 36cm wide x 20cm deep. It can comfortably carry pets weighing up to 15lbs.

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