Evil Eye Basket - Initially London
Evil Eye Basket - Initially London Evil Eye Basket - Initially London Evil Eye Basket - Initially London
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The curse of evil eye is as old as time, cast by a human stare but with supernatural consequences.  The evil eye icon has been worn for centuries to ward off the curse.  

Our special edition Evil Eye Basket wears the icon in embroidery.  This basket is handmade in Marrakech from all natural palm leaf and cotton embroidery for the eye motif.  We embroider your monogram here in our London studio.  The font style shown here is Oklahoma in black thread. We'll place the monogram as shown, just above the eye on the front of the basket, as standard.  However, if you'd like it sewn larger on the back of the bag, just let us know in Special Instructions.

Carrying this basket is sure to bring all the positive energy, good karma and wellbeing that the icon represents.

The handles are plaited leather and are long enough to fit comfortably over your shoulders.  There is a lightweight cotton drawstring cover that lays flat against the inside of the basket when not in use, or draws closely to securely hold any contents.

Composition: Natural palm leaf. Handmade in Morocco.

Dimensions: The basket is generous and measures 43cm across the open top, 35cm high and 22cm across the bottom.  

Care: Brush clean only. 

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