Herringbone Storage Bag
Herringbone Storage Bag Herringbone Storage Bag
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This is another take on the ubiquitous ‘jumbo bag’ that is so essential for transporting and storing bedding and other essentials for boarding school or university or home.  But ours is more stylish, durable and monogrammed, of course.  

This bag is slightly smaller than our Striped Storage Bag, measuring 49cm wide x 39cm high x 23cm deep.  The Herringbone and Striped bags make a nice pair.  

The black and white Herringbone Storage Bag is made of a cotton/polyester mix that feels like canvas on the outside but has a water-resistant finish on the inside.  Faux leather handles are incredibly strong and look stylish too.  The bag folds flat for easy and compact storage.

Add a big brightly coloured monogram to make sure everyone knows who this bag belongs to, or just use the embroidery to label the contents.  Glam up your storage!


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