High Tops
High Tops High Tops High Tops High Tops High Tops High Tops High Tops
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Monogrammed High Tops?  Yes indeed.  These great quality ankle-high Converse-style shoes are made even more cool with a monogram.  We love neon thread colours and our Shape monogram designs work really well.

High Tops come in two colours:  white as standard, and Neon Pink as a limited edition offered in collaboration with the incredibly talented designer and embroiderer, Kai PD.  

For the white version of the High Tops, we will place the monogram on the outer side of each shoe unless you instruct us otherwise in Special Instructions at checkout.  Another good place for it is the tongue of the shoe, as shown on the Neon Pink High Tops.  We will monogram the Neon Pink High Tops on the tongue of the shoe as standard, as there is a motif on the side.

Sizes are gender-neutral.  We can source children's sizes and extra-large sizes on a bespoke basis so please contact us by email if you are looking for a size we don't carry. 

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