Natalie Hewitt Events:  Bespoke Floral Napkins
Floral arrangement with bee
It was an utter joy to work with Natalie Hewitt Events  to create very special embroidered napkins for this wedding weekend at Wilderness Reserve in rural Suffolk.

The flowers were a central feature of the celebration and the bride wanted the carefully designed arrangements to last long past the weekend.  So we designed monogrammed linen napkins with a floral motif based on the floral centrepieces.  



The process involved using both drawings and photographs of the flowers to create a simple digital image, and then converting the image to embroidery format.  For embroidery at the scale that is needed for a napkin, the fine lines and shadows need to be streamlined so that the texture and sheen of the embroidery can provide the texture instead.

The result was stunning!  Each napkin was a thoughtful take-home gift for the guests and the bride and groom's napkins are an heirloom to be treasured. 

wedding breakfast table with monogrammed linen napkins

monogrammed linen napkins


monogrammed linen napkin at wedding breakfast 


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