Bespoke Services

At Initially London we believe everything is better with a monogram!  But we can't stock everything, so we offer a number of Bespoke Services for products, font styles and monogramming services that are not on our website, allowing you to bring us your own ideas.

 Bring Your Own (BYO) Monogramming

If you've got something of your own that you'd like to have monogrammed, we encourage you to bring or send your own items to our studio. Whether they are family heirlooms or a new purchase, we would be delighted to work with you to create a monogram design that makes them even more special.

Pricing for bring your own monogrammed goods is based on the number of stitches, which is a direct correlation to the size and complexity of the design. So please email us on with your design ideas so  we can give you an accurate quote. But as a general guide:

  • Smaller items such as handkerchiefs start at our flat rate of £15.00, for quantities greater than 10 we can discount this to £12.50 per item
  • Linens, shirts and tees - £18.00
  • Medium items such as wash bags and tote bags - £20.00  
  • Large Items such as robes embroidered on the back, pillowcases, throws, yoga mats and baskets - £30.00  
  • Extra large items such as duvets and upholstery - £60.00

All prices include VAT.  Quantity discounts may be applied for the same design on multiple items (such as sets of napkins, towels, etc). 

White Label Monogramming Service (trade)

We offer a bespoke monogramming service at Initially London and have worked with many prestigious brands to bring professional monogramming to their product offering.

Projects have included custom napkins and ribbons for renowned events, monogrammed bed linens and upholstery for interior designers, or unique party favours. We try to work our turnaround times to meet your needs, and are available for remote design advice. We are always keen to work on any new projects, so please do get in contact to enquire.  Email Holly at


Design a Bespoke Monogram, Logo or Picture

We use graphic design software to create all of our monograms, giving us the ability to bring just about any design to life in embroidery including:

  • Re-creating an existing monogram from family silver or linen
  • Digitising your existing company or club logo for embroidery
  • Translate a drawing or photograph from a jpeg or pdf file

Use Our Bespoke Font Styles 

Initially London's mission is to ensure each client's design is as personal and unique as we can make it.  Sometimes this means going above and beyond the designs we offer on our website.  If you're looking for something really different, here are a few ways we can help.

If you are looking for a monogram font style that you can't find on our Monogram Design Tool, we provide countless other monogram options on a bespoke basis. From traditional, intricate French linen napkin fonts and elaborate American-style monogramming, to border and motif designs that will compliment a name or set of initials, we have plenty of options. We can also create a design that is exclusively yours.
Here are a few of our favourite bespoke font styles that are not available on our website. If you see a design that you'd like to use on any of our products, or your own goods, please email our creative team on and we'll be delighted to help.

Vintage Fonts

Our Vintage Fonts take inspiration from traditional French and Victorian hand embroidered designs that have now been reinterpreted with machine embroidery. Vintage fonts are perfect for table linens, guest towels, tea towels and pillowcases. These fonts usually look best when consisting of 3 letter initials. They are perfect for wedding gifts with a duogram (a monogram for couples, using the shared surname in the centre and each partner's initial on either side).


Modern Fonts

Modern Fonts are a departure from traditional calligraphy and cursive font styles. They're beyond versatile and so work on any product you decide to put them on. I believe these specific modern styles shown below look best when monogrammed on lacquer trays, wash bags, candles, pouches and duffle bags

Single Initial Fonts

Single initial fonts are font styles specifically designed for use of only one initial. These font styles are very appealing due to them working on everything from towels to clutches and even jewellery cases too! You will be pleasantly surprised on just how many things you can monogram a single initial font on and make exclusively unique to you.

Large Fonts

If you are keen on making a statement then these larger than life font styles may be what you're looking for to go with all your belongings. These font styles sew extremely well when sized at large proportions (12cm and larger). Choose to monogram them on cushions, towels, tote bags, bedding or upholstery projects for a gorgeous bold personalised finish.

Source Bespoke Products 

If you are looking for a particular product to monogram we will do our best to find it for you. We work with suppliers across the UK, USA, Europe and Asia to source affordably priced, well-made items. Supporting businesses within the UK is highly important to us and, wherever possible they will be our first port of call.

The sky is the limit: if we can sew on it, we can very likely put an embroidered monogram or design on it. If embroidery is not a suitable option, we can also provide a laser etching service using the same great selection of our own monogram fonts or your own unique design. 

Monogramming Pop-Up Events / Onsite Monogramming

    We love a good party or popup so if you'd like to have monogramming on-site at your next corporate or hospitality event, please do get in contact at so we can email you our brochure.

    Enquiry Form

    If you have a specific design idea in mind and would like to share it, you can use the form below to upload and send across an image for us to see. File formats accepted are jpg, gif or png.