1.  I'm new to monogramming, where can I get some help with the design process?  

    First start with our "Tell Me How" video which walks you through the steps in our monogram design tool. You'll find the video to the right of the Design Your Monogram button on every product.  If you're still having trouble, feel free to call us on 0800 1560878 or email us on hello@initiallylondon.com.

    2.  Do your prices include monogramming?

    Yes!  Our prices include the cost of any monogram you design on our website, which will be embroidered on one side of the item you order.  If you would like both sides monogrammed, there will be an additional charge for the second design.  Please email us for pricing if you would like to have more than one monogram on your item.

    3.  Is there a limit on the number of letters for my monogram?

    No! You can create a monogram with just one letter or many, In fact, you can monogram more than just initials. Try a name, a house name, a postcode, a favourite hashtag, a social media handle etc..

    4.  Why does my surname initial get automatically placed in the middle of some of the Shape monogram styles?

    It is standard monogramming protocol to emphasise the surname initial in many traditional styles, which is why several of our Shape styles automatically place the surname initial in the centre. It gives you an opportunity to create a personal logo out of your first and second initials wrapped around your surname. 

    It is also a nice way to include a maiden name in your monogram by putting the married surname initial in the centre and surrounding it with your first initial on the left and the maiden name initial on the right (this type of monogram looks lovely on table linens). 

    Finally, this format also allows you to create a 'couples monogram' by putting one partner's first initial on the left, the shared surname initial in the middle and the second partner's initial on the right.

    If you like the designs that work this way but do not want your surname in the middle, just rearrange the letters you enter in the text box to achieve the look you desire. Our preview function allows you to see how the finished design will look so you can experiment to your heart's content.

    5.  Can I use hyphens? Or inverted commas? Or both?

    Yes! Double-barrelled surnames are no problem. In fact, any kind of punctuation and letter accents are available, including non-English letters. If a Scottish woman married an Irish man and decided to use both surnames, she could end up with a monogram that looks like AJMcD-O'N (we've actually monogrammed ones like this!).

    Some of our fonts don't offer punctuation marks on our website's design tool but we can add them in the studio. So if you are having trouble finding what you're looking for, please mention it in Special Instructions and we will take care of it for you. 

    6.  For Shape font styles with 3 initials, can I use fewer or more than 3 letters?

    No, to achieve the shape in these monogram styles, all three letters are required.  We do offer Shape styles that require only 1 or 2 letters. Alternatively, you can use the Letter fonts to create a monogram of any number of letters. However, they will be arranged in a line rather than a shape style.

    7.  Can I order over the phone?  Or email?  Or in person??

    Yes of course. If you'd like some guidance with the selection of a product or a monogram style, feel free to call us on 0800 1560878 or email us on hello@initiallylondon.com.  If you are ever in West London, come visit us in our studio and let us help you in person!

    8.  How long will my order take to arrive?

    We normally prepare and ship your order within 10 business days of receiving it, though we try to turn them around faster. If the item you order is not in stock, there may be a slightly longer lead time but we would notify you to confirm the delay. Please note that, around seasonally busy periods like June and Christmas season, our lead times get slightly longer. Please let us know if you have a firm need-by date so we can work towards your deadline.

    9.  Can I rush my order?

    If you need your order quickly, please mention your 'need by date' in Special Instructions at checkout and we will prioritise your order to ensure you get it in time.

    You may wish to choose Express delivery if you want to minimise the delivery time, as we normally send by Tracked 48 which can occasionally take more than 48 hours! 

    We can also organise a same-day courier delivery if the delivery address is in London. Please contact us on hello@initiallylondon.com to discuss this.

    10. Will I pay import fees and duties on European deliveries?

    Initially London is not responsible for any import fees, customs charges or duties that might be incurred on orders delivered outside the UK.  When shipping abroad, we will not charge UK VAT.  Most items shipped abroad, including Europe, will be subject to local VAT, import duties, customs and even handling fees (which vary widely by country) and it is the customer's responsibility to pay these as they are assessed once the package reaches its destination and we have no way of estimating them.

    Please ensure that you have checked any charges or fees that might apply to your delivery before ordering with us.

    11.  Can I have a monogram in a font style that is not on your website?

    If you've seen a monogram style you love on Instagram or Pinterest, in a magazine or while travelling in America or elsewhere, just email us a screenshot of the design and we will do our best to find it or recreate it for you. There is a design fee associated with this service that varies depending on the complexity of the design, but is usually around £25. Once we've created it for you, we will save the design so you can use it over and over. 

    12.  Can I add an image to my monogram, such as a flag, an animal, a sports image, a symbol or anything else?

    Yes you can. We love to add flags or other images to monograms on bags and duffle's, or ballerinas and footballs to children's bags, or seasonal motifs to napkins and hand towels, among other things. There is an additional charge for adding a motif, which ranges from £7.50 (most designs) to approximately £25 based on the complexity of the image to be added.

    13.  Can you monogram my company, school or club logo?

    Yes! We will need a good quality pdf or jpg file of the image which we will convert to embroidery software format. There is a one-time setup fee associated with this process but once it's paid and the image is designed, you can use it over and over again.

    14.  Can you match thread colours to a fabric or wallpaper?

    Yes we love to do that! If you are monogramming towels, pillowcases or any other item that you'd like to match with curtains, upholstery or wallpaper, make an appointment to bring us a swatch. We have many threads on our website's design tool but many many more in the studio. If necessary, we can work with Pantone colours to make a perfect match. Email us on hello@initiallylondon.com to make an appointment. 

    15.  Can you monogram something of mine?

    We would need to see the item to determine it's suitability for monogramming. We cannot monogram items that are one of a kind, or very valuable. We will require you to sign a release form, releasing us from responsibility in the unlikely event that the item is damaged by machine error.

    16.  Can you find me something I need that's not on your website?

    Yes we have an extensive supplier network and can source almost anything. Whatever you're looking for, we've undoubtedly already monogrammed it. In addition, we can manufacturer certain styles of bags in a bespoke fabric or colour. Depending on the complexity of the request, there may be a sourcing or design fee.  Please email us at hello@initiallylondon.com to discuss any projects. 

    17.  Can I visit your studio?

    Yes! We'd love to see you and show you the full line in person. Please make an appointment via email on hello@initiallylondon.com to come see us in the studio at 19A Heathmans Road, Ground Floor, London SW6 4TJ.

    18.  What if I'm not happy with my order?

    If your order arrives damaged or otherwise faulty, please let us know and we will get it replaced straight away. Unfortunately, we are not able to refund or exchange items that have been monogrammed correctly as per the instructions on your order, but that were entered incorrectly when placing the order.  Please check your monogram design carefully.  

    19.  What if I'm very happy with my order?

    Please write us a review on Google or respond to our Yotpo review request email!  We love hearing from happy clients. We'd be so grateful for an image of your monogrammed Initially London products in action that we could put on our social media sites.

    20.  Do you work with trade clients?

    We do!  We offer trade discounts to event planners, PR firms, interior designers corporate gifting departments, schools and other organisations based on minimum order quantities starting at 10 items.  

    We also sell a selection of our product line, as plain monogramming blanks, to other monogramming and personalisation businesses via the online trade platform FAIRE.  You can visit our trade site on Faire here or contact us directly on bespoke@initiallylondon.com.

    Thank you!