We offer a bespoke monogramming service at Initially London and have worked with many prestigious brands to bring professional monogramming to their product offering.

Projects have included custom napkins and ribbons for renowned events, monogrammed bed linens and upholstery for interior designers, or unique party favours. We try to work our turnaround times to meet your needs, and are available for remote design advice. We are always keen to work on any new projects, so please do get in contact to enquire.  Email Jane at Bespoke@initiallylondon.com.

First Banner from left to right: custom crest embroidery, HIFE retreats branded yoga mats, monogramming service provided on a made to order basis for Karen Mabon Pyjamas. 
Second Banner from left to right: Hotel Lovers photoshoot product embroidery, Bamford Cosmetic Bags, PIMMS promotional products for Wimbledon.