Jane Wiest is an ex-banking and retail industry professional and now Founder & Owner of Initially London, the UK’s most extensive monogramming and personalisation company using graphic design technology to create gorgeous embroidered and laser-etched monograms. 

Jane moved to London from New York over 20 years ago and was keen to bring the American monogramming culture to the UK.  She launched Initially London in 2015 and the company is now, as described by Forbes, 'one of the United Kingdom’s premiere personalization [sic] companies, with a variety of monogram options and designs.'  Her studio is based in Parsons Green and her team of skilled embroiderers has helped her win numerous awards and accolades for their work.

The personalisation trend continues to grow in the UK and Initially London has responded by taking personalisation to a whole new level.  After all, nothing says thoughtful or ‘nailed it’ more than a personalised gift, especially when there is no limitation on the personalisation.

Initially London offers over 50 monogram font styles and thread colours on the website’s exclusive Monogram Design Tool. A preview function allows you to see the monogram design on any item on the website, change both font style or thread colour as much as you like, each time seeing how the design looks, until you are happy with your completely bespoke look. It is a unique shopping experience which allows a shopper to use the same graphic design software that is used in Initially London's Parsons Green workshop and design studio. These are monograms that are far more than just initials, they are a form of self-expression which can be applied to just about anything.

If you can't find what you're looking for, Jane and her team love to work with clients to create bespoke designs, to source unusual items or to recreate old monograms or logos for new uses.  She rarely says no to a fun project, no matter how difficult. 

 "Monograms that are more than just initials"