Best Sellers of 2023

In 2023 we noticed a few key trends in our overall business:

  • Monogramming your own goods, which we refer to as BYO ("bring your own") is more popular than ever. The range of BYO goods we monogrammed in 2023 was vast... from embroidering vintage Madeira linens to laser-etching Hermes AirPods to foil embossing champagne bottle cooler bags.  And everything in between!
  • Our clients have frequent gifting needs and are therefore looking for accessibly priced goods that look far more luxurious than their price point. It's a sweet spot that we've nailed, if we do say so ourselves.
  • Minimal, recyclable and/or reusable packaging is highly desirable, with our reusable cotton drawstring gift bags added to almost every order.
  • Experimentation with more elaborate monogram styles is on the rise; we saw an incredible variety of fonts and thread colours in 2023.
  • And finally, while there's always an appetite for something new, our classic bags and accessories remain your go-to favourites.
2023 Best Sellers

We love to share with you our annual list of the top 10 best selling monogrammed products, as it's you who made them so.  So here they are, most popular first...

#1:  St James Wash Bag - Our classic cotton seersucker wash bag now comes in 9 colours and it pairs well with so many other things in our product line.
Yellow st James washbag
#2:  Lambeth Pouch - This proved a hit with all ages due to the many uses for a clear pouch with a great monogram.
colourful travel pouch with clear vinyl and embroidered border
#3:  Luggage Tag - With travel firmly back on everyone's agenda, a monogrammed luggage tag is a de rigour accessory.
Monogrammed leather luggage tag
#4:  Large Maine Boat Tote - This classic American bag is fast becoming a classic British one. It's so incredibly versatile.  The large tote is on the left; the smaller one on the right appears further down this list
 heavyweight canvas tote bags, monogrammed boat tote
#5: St Clement Wash Bag - A larger, gingham version of the St James Wash Bag which can hold full-size toiletries, hair brushes, baby things and more
Oversized Cotton gingham washbag with an embroidered monogram
#6:  Oakham Wash Bag - We introduced a new khaki green version of this classic men's wash bag in 2023.  Each colour has a matching Oakham Duffle Bag which appears further down this list.
Monogrammed canvas toiletries case for men
#7:  Leighton Bath Towels - Our thick, thirsty and fluffy towels are the best we've found.  Monogramming on bath towels is as essential as salt on crisps. 
monogrammed bath towels
#8:  Small Maine Boat Tote - The best gift idea for all ages. If you give one to a baby, they'll take it to university. 
Shoulder bag size of our popular heavyweight canvas Boat Totes, with monogrammed unutuaksm wire ir ograd=se
#9:  Oakham Duffle - A lightweight, durable and spacious duffle bag, now in two colours. 
Canvas weekender duffle bag with embroidered monogram
#10:  Peckham Packing Cubes - We weren't surprised to see packing cubes in the list, despite only introducing them in late autumn.  If you know, you know.
monogrammed packing cubes

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