Monogramming and Sleep

We spent a fun evening with JPublic PR at the Conrad London St James Hotel, as part of the hotel's "Sleep Event" for press and VIPs. The hotel is part of the Hilton Luxury Brands group, and has predicted that 'sleep tourism' is a key feature of travel and hotel bookings in 2024.

In an article for Boutique Hotelier, Eamonn Crowe writes "Last year, a study of 10,000 global travellers by Hilton found the number one reason for travelling in 2024 will be ‘rest and recharge’."  So ensuring a good night's sleep is an essential part of a relaxing holiday.  Whether that's a comfortable bed, a quiet room, lighting and audio/visual controls that are easy to reach from the bed, scents, eye masks and more, there is much that a hotel can offer its guests. 


As the event attendees listened to talks and sipped cocktails, our embroidery pop-up team was personalising silk eye masks at the back of the room.  Each guest was invited to step up to the embroidery station and supply their initials, which were then embroidered on the mask's case. 

Making a hotel room feel like home is the best way to relax a guest.  And one of the best ways to make it feel like home is to add a personal touch.  We love working with luxury and boutique hotels to offer monogrammed gifts that can be used while staying at the hotel and then taken home to remember their trip.  Monogrammed gifts can be as decadent as a dressing gown or leather luggage tag, or more affordable luxuries include monogrammed eye masks, hand towel or pillow case.
 The impact of seeing their own initials as they walk in the room is a powerful marketing tool. If you run a hotel or luxury villa rental and would like to discuss our monogramming service for your VIP guests, please get in touch with us on  

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