Three Looks with One Monogrammed Napkin
There are so many ways to monogram a napkin but there are no hard and fast rules.  It all comes down to personal preference and, of course, how you'd like to use the napkin.
Our Monogram Design Tool allows you to choose whether you would like the embroidered monogram in the corner of the napkin or along the bottom edge, which gives you different options for using the napkin.  If pressed to say which we prefer, it would be in the corner.  
When the design is tucked in the corner, the napkin can be folded several ways, or used in a napkin ring or tied with a pretty ribbon or trim. Have a look at three simple ways you can use our Scallop Napkin with a gorgeous monogram in the corner.

Option 1:  With a Napkin Ring


Option 2:  Folded


Option 3:  Tied with Ribbon or String

Have some fun designing a set of monogrammed linen napkins for yourself or as a gift.  We've got so many styles of simply gorgeous napkins that wear a monogram beautifully.  Check them out here.

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