Covent Garden Basket (large)
Covent Garden Basket (large) Covent Garden Basket (large) Covent Garden Basket (large) Covent Garden Market Basket (large) Covent Garden Basket (large)
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The Large Covent Garden Basket is a generously sized straw basket and has long padded leather handles that fit comfortably over the shoulder.  It works well for shopping trips, beach outings, weekend jaunts, school runs and even just storage... it is the handiest, most beautiful basket we have found.

The Large Covent Garden Basket version has handles that come in two great neutral colours, grey and brown, that work well with all our monogramming threads. If you're looking for a colour for the handle that we don't stock, get in contact with us and we can try to find it.

Almost any style monogram works well on a basket.  The image here shows a letter font style called Fishtail in Charcoal grey thread.  We also love fonts like Oklahoma, Algerian and Typewriter on baskets, and shape styles like Circle and Intertwined.

The Large Covent Garden Basket is handmade in Morocco from palm leaves from the doum plant. It is unlined and the leather handles are padded.  Wool tassels can be purchased separately in the Accessories tab of our website. 

While the size and shape vary a bit from one basket to the next because it is hand-made, the basket measures approximately 33cm tall x 55cm wide across the top and 29cm wide across the base.

If you prefer a smaller basket with shorter handles, please look at the Medium Covent Garden Basket. 


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