Kingston Market Basket
Kingston Market Basket Kingston Market Basket
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For people who like to travel with their straw basket, or use it as a handbag, the Kingston Market Basket has a navy cotton drawstring lining that keeps contents secure.  It can be laid flat against the sides of the basket when not needed, and pulled out as and when.  There is plenty of room to fill the basket to overflowing and still secure the drawstring.

The Kingston has long navy leather handles that allow it to be carried comfortably over the shoulder or in hand.  The basket is handwoven in Morocco using palm leaves which are both strong and durable.  The lining is 100% navy cotton.

Clearly a navy monogram, in our Circle monogram font as shown here, works really well on this bag.  But try initials in Shadow font using a contrasting thread:  white, teal, silver, or red would make a great shadow for navy.  We also love Oklahoma font on straw baskets.

Pair the Kingston Market Basket with a navy St James Wash Bag or a Turkish Hammam Towel for a really lovely gift.  

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