McGinley Golfing
Paul McGinley, the 2014 Euro Ryder Cup Captain, came to us for gifting ideas for his guests at this year's McGinley Foundation Tour held in Donegal. The brief was to provide his guests with a luxurious 'goodie bag' which could be gifted alongside some of their golfing accessories. We knew we needed something smart, practical, and the right colour to show off the foundation's logo whilst having a nod towards Irish and golfing styles. 
We knew our Burford Duffle Bags would be perfect - they are water resistant, with a gorgeous striped lining and lots of useful pockets. We digitised The McGinley Foundation logo, and carefully embroidered it on all of the bags. We thought the final outcome was gorgeous and hope all the guests loved their gift. The Green colour way shows the logo beautifully, whilst not being too bold.

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