Making a Case for Monogramming
Personalisation is hot stuff.  In a time when everybody can get everything everywhere via a quick Google search or a click on a blogger’s link, it’s hard to make a really personal style statement.  And that’s where the monogram comes into its own.  

Adding a monogram to a tote bag or luggage tag or beach towel instantly transforms it from generic to bespoke.  A monogrammed bag says to the world, “This is mine and there is no other bag like it”.  A monogrammed gift says, “I made this just for you and no one else has it”.  Which is of course why both High Street and upscale retailers are falling over themselves to offer personalisation.

Unlike retailers that are offering basic personalisation as an optional add-on, Initially London makes the monogram the reason you make the purchase, and the monogram design is at the heart of what we do.  Because, ultimately, your monogram is a graphically designed expression of your name.  It’s your name distillled to its essence, and expressed with colour and style... your individual style.

Unlike specialist embroidery companies, Initially London offers an extensive but curated product line of classic, timeless accessories, linens and gifts for almost every occasion.  We’ve scoured the UK and abroad for beautiful, practical, well-made yet affordable pieces that are made even more fabulous with a monogram.

So we’re a retailer with an element of production and design, with every sale a completely bespoke item at a price which doesn’t make your eyes water.  And here’s what really makes us different:   our website’s Design Your Monogram tool offers you endless combinations of font styles and thread colours so you can create a monogram that suits your purchase perfectly.  Whether your look is modern or classic, trendy or safe, colourful or monochrome, you’ll find a design that works for you.  

We offer two kinds of monogram styles on our website.  You will be presented with both kinds when you click on Design Your Monogram and you may want to experiment with both.  Let;s have s look at the choices;

Letter styles 

Use Letter Styles styles if you want any number of initials in a row, or a name or phrase instead of initials.  Many people ask us if it’s possible to monogram four initials.  With these styles, it is indeed possible.  In fact, you can enter up to 32 letters in the text box.



Within the Letter Styles category, there are five subcategories to choose from:  

Serif fonts -  font styles that feature letters with edges

Block fonts - otherwise known as sans-serif or letters with clean edges

Script fonts -  school children might call these joined-up letter fonts

All caps fonts - these styles do not have any lower case letters

Whimsical fonts - these are styles that have a special character or sense of humour

You can click around within each category to see how your letters look in different font styles until one strikes you as just the look you’re trying to achieve.

Shape Style 

 For a more traditional graphically designed monogram. Have a look at our Shape style fonts.  These styles take theee initials and turn them into a little work of art.  It is a centuries old tradition to embroider initials in a shape or pattern and we are delighted to carry on that tradition.  Please note that most shape styles emphasise the surname, placing that initial in the centre of the design, larger than the first and second initial.  This is standard monogramming protocol but if you prefer a different initial in the centre, just make sure you put it in the Surname Initial box when entering your initials.  If you have fewer than three or more than four initials, you will likely need to use Letter styles. 


One exception to that rule is the Circle Monogram which is based on Great Western Railway’s original Art Deco logo.  Since they decided to outnumber the W for Western in the centre of tend design, we decided to follow their lead and slow the initials to flow across the circle pattern in the correct reading order.  



Finally,if you don’t see a font style or thread colour you are looking for, or if you’ve got something in mind that needs monogramming and you can’t find it on our site, please get in touch via our Bespoke Page.  Just click on the Bespoke tab in the menu at the top of the page.  We can find or create just about anything.  

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