Valentines Bespoke Embroidery Service
For the week in the run up to Valentines Day we are offering the chance to get your own items personalised for a discounted price of £14.00 between Monday the 6th to Friday the 10th Feb. 
Jazz up something old, or add a personal touch to something new.
We've had initialled hosiery stockings, anniversary dates embroidered on the shirt worn on a couple's first date, sweet messages on pillows, and initialls on classic shirts. We love any challenge!
🆘 Terms and Conditions: Max embroidery size 13cm wide, max 1 thread colour, choose from any font style and thread colour offered on our website. We will embroider while you wait, this takes up to 45 minutes. Should you need it posted out to you it will be a further £5.00.
Our studio is open weekdays from 9:30 am to 5pm. Come join us and get creative!! 🎨✏️👩‍🎨

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