Wedding Season

With wedding season coming up and after participating in the Wedding Showcase at The Ned in January, we've been obsessed with the many different ways monogramming can be used to add timeless bespoke touches to an elegant celebration.

When planning a wedding, every couple seeks to infuse their unique style and personality into their big day. Monogramming adds a layer of sophistication and personalisation that transforms ordinary items into cherished keepsakes. We work very closely with brides, grooms, and their friends and families to add beautiful touches to fabulous weddings.

From bridal shower whimsy, to ceremony sentimentality, to reception glamour, here are some beautiful ways monogramming can be incorporated into every aspect of the wedding process.

The Importance of a Couples' Monogram
Traditionally, couples often fuse their initials into a unique personal monogram that serves as an elegant detail for their wedding but also introduces their personal brand as a couple. This can be included on everything from invitations to dinner napkins and is sure to be a memorable and unique touch. 
These elegant scalloped napkins combine a fused initial monogram with the couples' wedding date, a beautiful addition to any table. 
Turn memorable motifs into embroidery, like the elaborate initialled gates of Kensington Palace on this functional tote as the perfect commemorative wedding gift. 
Bridal Party Gifts
Show your appreciation to your bridal party with monogrammed gifts. Personalised treasures like robes or jackets, tote bags, and jewellery pouches embroidered with each bridesmaid’s initials are not only stylish but also practical. These gifts ensure a cohesive look in getting-ready photos and provide a lasting memento of the special day. For the groomsmen, consider monogrammed pocket squares, wash bags, or even drink cozies as a token of gratitude.
Whether subtle or bold, we can add sentimental monograms to all kinds of bespoke gifts like these gorgeous denim jackets. 
 These stunning hand-printed robes brought to us to personalise are perfect for bachelorette parties and trips. 
Our St James wash bag comes in a variety of gender-neutral colours, an ideal bachelor or bachelorette present. 
Initialled drink cozies are a practical addition to any celebration and can be colour coordinated with the St James wash bag.
Ceremony Essentials
Wedding ceremonies can be enhanced with monogrammed details that couples will treasure and guests will admire. Particularly, adding a monogram to the bride and groom’s attire brings a subtle yet significant touch of personalisation. 
Custom handkerchiefs for the bride, groom, and immediate family members, monogrammed with initials or a meaningful date, serve both as practical items and cherished keepsakes. 
Monograms can even be included on veils, a subtle and delicate personal touch that will be treasured forever, perhaps as an heirloom to be passed down to future generations. 
Reception Decor
Monogramming has a significant role to play in the crafting of a tasteful and Pinterest-worthy wedding reception. Personalised napkins, table runners, and chair covers featuring the couple’s monogram add a touch of elegance to the dining experience. Even the smallest of monogrammed details can enhance the overall aesthetic and provide a seamless, sophisticated look to curated table displays. 
Monogrammed napkins are the perfect addition to elegant place settings. 
Monogrammed ribbons can be tied around napkins to fuse the functional use of guests' names with a couples' shared monogram. 
The most elegant of monograms on the classiest of cocktail napkins look gorgeous with tableware.
Chair ribbons are a truly fabulous reception embellishment that can be coordinated to match decor and colour schemes. 
Guest Favours
Send your guests home with personalised wedding favours that they’ll treasure. These customised gifts not only show your appreciation but also act as lasting reminders of your wedding day. Monogrammed favours demonstrate the thought and effort invested in making your guests feel special, blending practicality with sentimentality. 
The details included on our Clapham shopper bags for this client are a stunning and unique guest favour incorporating a digitised design of their wedding venue, immortalised in embroidery.  
Etch initials onto our sustainable candles for the perfect favour. 
Monogramming Magic
Monogramming offers a timeless and elegant way to personalise your wedding, adding meaningful details that reflect your unique journey as a couple. From invitations and bridal party gifts to reception decor and guest favors, monogrammed items infuse your special day with a sense of individuality and sophistication. As you plan your wedding, consider how these customised touches can make your celebration even more memorable.
Embrace the art of monogramming and let your initials tell your love story. With monogramming, it’s the little details that make a big difference, enhancing the beauty of your wedding and creating lasting memories for you and your guests.

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