May Monogramming

Everything is more meaningful with a monogram!

May, with its two bank holidays, is the start of the busy social season... weddings, graduations, classic British events and weekends with friends all mean that its peak gift giving season too.

The most appreciated gifts are the ones that are thoughtful, useful, or personal. And nothing makes them more so than a beautiful monogram.

We've included some ideas we love for gifting... the most useful bags and accessories that can be personalised in so many ways. Of course we love a traditional monogram, but sometimes a house name, an important date or a symbol or motif adds the extra special meaning. 

Tote Bags & Baskets: 

Our tote bags and baskets are simply styled and durably made to ensure they last, and to best feature a beautiful embroidered monogram. We only use natural materials and work closely with our makers to add our own special touch. 

Our newest tote bag is made from 100% jute and has a pretty scallop edge, with an optional jute tassel. 

A classic heavyweight canvas boat tote is a useful gift... it looks great with a monogram or any embroidered text or motif. 

A cross between a boat tote and a jute tote that wears extremely well. Add an optional jute tassel to dress it up a bit. 

Our chic and simple boxy tote works well with a big single initial so the whole family can use it. 

Picnic Essentials: 

Its peak picnic season so picnic-related gifts are our favourite recommendation for weddings, hosts, new homeowners or anyone who loves the outdoors. Adding a monogram of course gives this gift the extra special personal touch. 

A monogrammed wool picnic rug is a gorgeous gift. 

A washable fleece picnic rug is a more casual alternative, handy to have in the car boot. 

A classic straw basket is always handy... lightweight yet strong, super stylish in any setting. 

An insulated cooler backpack makes walking with your picnic so easy... great for beach outings, concerts, long country walks. Ours is made from 100% recycled polyester. 

Whether it's a tasteful tote, beautiful basket, or practical picnic rug, a monogram is the perfect unique addition to all of your May essentials as the summer begins!


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