Taylor's Towels
My 84 year old mother is a Swiftie. It's not necessarily the music that excites her, but mainly it's that Taylor Swift is from our little home town in Pennsylvania. And nothing makes a small town prouder than a local girl who grows up to be successful on a huge scale.

So this week my mother gleefully shared some big news about Taylor. No, not the release of #TTPD. The big news, according to the Daily Mail and Homes & Gardens, is that Taylor has a thing for monogrammed towels. So now they've got that in common too.

Monogramming towels is as old as... well, towels! For centuries, women have embroidered their initials on these very useful and often valuable textiles.  Back before you could pick up gorgeous bath towels by nipping off to the shop or clicking a few keys, women had to grow the flax, harvest and process the flax stems in to linen and then weave the towels by hand. It's no wonder that towels and bedding were viewed as valuable assets by the women who made them, and they monogrammed their initials (always their own initials, not their spouse's) to mark them as their own.  Trolling antique shops and markets for vintage hand-monogrammed towels is one of my favourite weekend pastimes.

Today monogramming continues to be a great way to dress personal spaces like the bathroom and bedroom and make them uniquely your own. We'll work with you to choose a font style and thread colour that works with the feel of the room. We love carrying on the ancient tradition by making monogramming modern with graphic design and machine embroidery.  


monogrammed bath mat with white embroidery


Embroidering initials on on your bath or kitchen towels makes so much sense too... you know who's is whose. Monogrammed towels are a beautiful wedding gift idea, or a thoughtful gift for new homeowners.  

Monogrammed bath towel with monogram chic font style

So here's our Monogrammed Towel Edit... all the very best towels for all occasions, designed and monogrammed by me and my talented team.


Leighton Bath Towels

Soft, absorbent and durable bath towels made from 600gsm cotton.  They are designed for years of use and the embroidery will last as long as the towels.

Bath towels with monogramming


Guest Towels

Monogrammed guest towels a stylish way to dress the loo for visitors.  We offer several styles included cotton pique fringed hand towels, petite linen hemstitch guest towels, practical Terry towelling guest towels.  Add an embroidered monogram in a thread colour that matches the colour scheme of the room.

You can also embroider the surname initial, the house name or number, the post code, a witty phrase or even a motif instead of text.  No limits on what our embroidery service offers. 


Bathroom accessories embroidered with a monogram including a hand towel and tissue box cover


Kitchen Tea Towels

A beautiful kitchen needs beautiful monogrammed linen tea towels.  We have several styles but all are substantially, or 100%, linen because we love the durability and absorbency of this sustainably-grown textile.  Several styles of our tea towels have matching dinner napkins, which make a great gift for a gracious host or a keen cook.

monogrammed kitchen tea towel made from linen and embroidered with an initial

Cotton Turkish Towels

Our 100% cotton Turkish hammam towels are lightweight, fast-drying and super stylish, making them a versatile travel companion.  They can be used as a sarong, a deck chair towel, a picnic rug, a wrap on a cool evening... a Turkish towel is far more than a towel.

We stock them in bold striped colours, and will be introducing a terry towelling-backed version soon.


monogrammed Turkish towel

Linen Turkish Towels

A new addition to our range... these 55% linen/45% cotton Turkish towels in neutral colours are utterly divine. They look fabulous with a straw basket so are perfect for your next beach holiday.  But they look equally good in a bathroom at home.  Turkish towels make pretty summer bath towels because they are so absorbent and fast-drying.  

linen towel with an embroidered personalised design


Beach & Pool Towels

Our Faro Beach Towels are silky soft, thick and absorbent, and come in four fabulous colours. We love them for the beach or swimming pool and a monogram is a luxurious finishing touch on a gorgeous towel.

striped beach towel with embroidered monogramming
Striped beach and pool towels in four colours: navy striped towel, yellow striped towel, orange striped towel and teal striped towel


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