White Linen Hemstitch Guest Towel
White Linen Hemstitch Guest Towel White Linen Hemstitch Guest Towel

Our White Linen Hemstitch Guest Towel is a timeless addition to your linen collection.  The smaller size looks gorgeous in your guest bath, on its own in or a little stack by the side of the sink for single use. It also works well as a bar towel, draped over a champagne bucket to catch the drips when you pour.

A simple ladder hemstitch detail along the bottom hem adds to this towel's classic good looks.

We love big single initial monograms on this towel in thread colours like navy, fern green or burgundy.  Tone-on-tone white thread is another lovely choice This simple but elegant towel wears any monogram font style well.  If initials are too staid, try a house name or post code for something different, or add a motif to go with a theme (a pheasant, a seashell, a heart, etc)... email bespoke@initiallylondon.com to enquire about motifs.

Mixing the white towel with the same towel in natural beige linen is a nice idea... click here to see our Beige Linen Hemstitch Guest Towel. 

Composition: 100% linen.

Dimensions: 40x60cm.

Care: Wash in cold water do not tumble dry as this towel is prone to shrinkage for the first wash.

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