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Cork KeepCup Cork KeepCup Cork KeepCup Cork KeepCup Cork KeepCup Cork KeepCup Cork KeepCup
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Here's a way to get your daily takeaway coffee fix without feeling guilty about throwing the cup away.  KeepCup has come up with the best reusable coffee cup we've found: made from tempered glass which doesn't absorb smells or flavours, a silicon lid with a sliding cover and a sustainably sourced cork grip band.  We've made it even better by monogramming the cork band.  

We laser etch your initials on the band in a range of cool font styles.  So nobody is going to try to run off with this great cup (but they'll want to, for sure).

The monogram is laser-etched and permanent.  We recommend two initials for the monogram, as more letters cause the design to shrink in height.  

Due to the nature of cork, the cup is not dishwasher safe and should be hand washed and left to dry.  The cork band should not be removed until you are ready to replace it.  

We stock the KeepCups in colours that match our Etched Insulated Water Bottles so you can put together a sustainable drinks-on-the-go set.  

The small cup holds 8 ounces which is the size of a standard takeaway coffee cup.  Hand wash the glass and cork band; the silicon top can be washed in the dishwasher.

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