Covent Garden Market Basket (medium)
Covent Garden Market Basket (medium) Covent Garden Basket (medium) Covent Garden Basket (medium) Covent Garden Basket (medium) Covent Garden Basket (medium)
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Do away with plastic bags and shop in style with this gorgeous personalised Covent Garden Basket. It's also perfect for storage, weekend jaunts, a beach holiday, a handy thing to have in the boot... 

This lovely artisan basket is handmade in Morocco from palm leaves from the doum plant. It is unlined and features padded leather handles that are comfortable to hold.

The Medium Covent Garden Basket's handles fit comfortably over the arm but may be too short for over the shoulder. If you want a shoulder bag style, please order the Large Covent Garden Basket.

While the shape and size varies a bit due to the hand-made nature of this basket, itt measures approximately 30cm tall x 45cm wide across the top and 18cm wide across the base.

Please note that the tassel is not included but can be ordered separately from the Tags & Tassels tab.

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