White Linen Coasters (Set of 4)
White Linen Coasters (Set of 4) White Linen Coasters (Set of 4)

Monogrammed coasters are a hostess’s delight... a stylish linen square that protects the furniture from hot and cold drinks.  Our White Linen Coasters can be used for tall icy cocktails, hot mugs of tea or just as a pretty place to set a beautiful wine glass while nibbling canapés.  They can also be used as little napkins passed with finger foods.  A set or two makes a gorgeous hostess gift.

Monogram these as creatively as you like. They look lovely with one large single letter in a great font style, or with intricate monogram shape like Modern Fancy, or a motif or witty phrase.  Create a set of Linen Coasters and Linen Napkins to make a really special gift for a generous host, a newly married couple or new homeowners. 

Sold in a set of four.  

Monograms Shown: 'JWE' is in Intertwined font in Dragonfly Blue Thread. 

Composition: 100% white linen.  

Dimensions: 15cm x15cm.

Care: Machine washable. 

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