Back to School at Last!

At Last!

If you've got a student starting back at school this September, we've got some fantastic monogrammed accessories and linens geared to students of all ages, from nursery to university.

Monogrammed accessories & linens are so useful for students to keep track of their belongings and to add a personal touch to standardised school gear. Our monogram app gives them a huge range of font styles and colours to choose from for their designs.

If you'd like us to monogram school-issued gear or bed linens purchased elsewhere, just email us on to enquire about pricing.  

Top 10 Monogrammed School Essentials 

1.  Holborn Laptop Cover (shown here with a monogram in Schoolbook font and metallic silver thread) - £30
personalised grey laptop case with outside pocket
2.  Leighton Robe (shown here in the adult size with a monogram in Copperplate font in taupe thread)
This fluffy, thirsty lightweight Terry cotton robe is perfect for boarding school or university.  It also comes in a hooded Kids' version for ages 1-13, with white, pale pink and pale blue colour options.  


3.  Leighton Bath Towels - shown here with a monogram in Copperplate font in Dragonfly Blue thread

Our bath towels match our Leighton Robes and are the most gorgeous towels you will find.  Add an embroidered name or initials to ensure you know which towel is yours.

Slate Terry cotton towels with a monogram

4.  Monogrammed Notepad (shown here with a monogram in Copperplate font in navy blue ink) 

This is a brand new product and we're so excited about it.  A 50-sheet notepad of unlined paper to keep by the phone, for to-do lists, to write quick notes or even to letters home to Mum (how very analog!)

monogrammed note pad with blue Art Deco border


5.  Insulated Drinks Bottle

When the reusable, stay-cool bottle has your name or initials on it, you can be sure you're drinking from yours and yours alone.  We laser-etch the bottles which burns away the powder coated finish to reveal the stainless steel underneath.  

Keep the bottle clean and germ-free by filling with boiling water regularly. We can do these bottles in school or team colours with logos as well as personalisation, please email to enquire.


6.  Monogrammed Wash Bag - shown here is the Knightsbridge Wash Bag with monograms in font styles called Intertwined (left) and Oklahoma (right)

Monogrammed Wash Bags are some of the core products in our line, we have so many options for all ages.  They are useful for so many things beyond toiletries.  We love them for makeup, nail polish, first aid supplies, shoe polishing kit, cables and chargers, children's toys, paint and craft supplies... you definitely need more than one wash bag!



7.  Monogrammed Backpack - shown here is the Junior Oxford Backpack (left), perfect for primary school students and the Uni Oxford Backpack (right) which has a separate padded laptop compartment.  There is also a standard sized Oxford Backpack, perfect for in-between ages or anyone who needs a sturdy, lightweight backpack.  



8.  Charlton Tote (left) & Maine Boat Tote (right)

A sturdy, stylish tote bag is a school essential.  Our Camo-print Charlton Tote and Maine Boat Tote come in three sizes:  a Small size which is perfect for books, laptop, everyday essentials; a Large version which is perfect for sports gear and bigger loads; and an Extra Large size which is perfect for lugging gear to boarding school and university.  

The Charlton Tote is made of waterproof heavyweight nylon and has an open top (with the exception of the Extra Large version, which zips closed and has a shoulder strap).

The Maine Tote comes in several colour variations and is made of heavyweight canvas and has a zippered closure (with the exception of the Extra Large version, which has an open top).

Camo tote bag with monogram     


9.  Camo Duffle -  shown here with a circle font monogram in baby pink thread

The perfect go-anywhere microfibre duffle bag that works well as an overnight bag or a gym/swim/ballet bag.  Our Chelsea Duffle is made of the same waterproof fabric but comes in more classic colours.  Both duffle bags have matching backpacks to make a stylish set:  the Camo Backpack or the Oxford Backpack which comes in colours to match the Chelsea Duffle.  


10.  Balham Duffle - shown here in Black with a monogram in Copperplate font and light brown thread, and in Military Green with a Circle monogram font in olive green thread.  

Waxed canvas duffle bag with personalised monogram

A good weekend bag is an essential piece of kit for a boarding school or university-bound student.  We love the waxed canvas Balham Duffle because it has a weather-resistant finish, a shoulder strap and is sized perfectly for the weekend.  It also comes with a matching Balham Wash Bag to make a gorgeous set.  If you're looking for something larger, check out all our other duffles and holdalls here.



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