Jane's Favourite Summer Holiday Accessories

Travelling somewhere warm this summer?

I've recently returned from holiday in Menorca and personally test-drove a few of our summer accessories. I may be biased (!) but I was delighted with how useful, handy and lightweight they were, and easy to pack too. I'd now call them indispensable travel companions.
Thought you should know about a few favourites in case you're travelling this summer and need something for yourself, or some thoughtful gifts to take along for hosts or guests.
As always, the monogram is an extra special touch that transforms a basic accessory in to a personal style statement.


 Monogrammed canvas tote bag with leather handles

The boxy Barnes Tote is a roomy carry-on for the plane and a lightweight bag for lugging towels and other gear to the beach. It folds flat for packing too.  


Stainless steel insulated vacuum bottle with a laser-etched monogram

It's much easier to stay hydrated in the heat when your water is cool.  So an insulated bottled with a cute carry handle is your best friend on holiday.  Even when the bottle is hot to the touch on the outside, after sitting in the direct sun, the water (or Rosé?!) inside is blissfully chilled. 
We laser-etch your monogram on the bottles and we can also work with logos, house or boat names too. 
Clear vinyl pouch with an embroidered monogram
The Lambeth Pouch is a revelation... it keeps your phone sand-free on the beach and splash-free in the boat, and you can still see notifications when they come through on the screen.
It's also great for travel documents, adaptors and charging cables for gadgets, keys and lipsticks and all the bits you toss in a tote bag, etc etc etc.
Cotton Turkish towel with an embroidered monogram
When packing space and bag weight is an issue, a monogrammed Turkish Towel should definitely be on your packing list.
This fast-drying, lightweight towel is perfect for the pool or beach, and it can also be used as a sarong for the beach cafe, a scarf for a cool evening, an impromptu tablecloth for a picnic or a blanket for a napping child. 
When monogrammed with each guest's name, they look great draped over the chairs at a lunch or dinner. 
Washable straw toiletries bag with an embroidered monogram
Our Salcombe Wash Bag is made from a washable straw material that makes it incredibly useful on holiday. It's perfect for suncreams, sunglasses and you can even tuck your turkish towel in there too.
Best of all, it can be swished through the pool or run under the outdoor shower to clean off the sand. 
Cotton gingham tote bag with plaited handles and an embroidered monogram
This chic handmade cotton Dalston Tote is such a versatile travel companion.  It folds up in to a tiny square for packing, but unfolds in to a capacious bag for souvenir shopping, trips to the food market or beach outings.
The plaited handles make it look glamorous in any setting and it weighs nothing... just what you want in the heat.
Cotton striped seersucker cosmetics bag, St James Wash Bag with monogramming
Can you ever have enough St James Wash Bags?  Evidently not, as this remains a best seller year after year.  If you hadn't seen already, we introduced a couple of new colours, including summery orange and yellow.  
Pair the St James with a Lambeth Pouch for a super duo.



Have a look through our entire Summer Holiday Gift Edit for even more ideas.  Safe travels and enjoy the sun! 


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