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We love the start of a new year... the relative quiet of early January gives us time to reflect and take stock of the year just finished.  It’s always fascinating to see which of our products are most popular, how many of them are new introductions versus old classics, what price point is most appealing and all the other fascinating information that can be gleaned from sorting and re-sorting a spreadsheet.  After all, Susan and I were a buyer and a banking geek, respectively, before starting a monogramming business.  

So we proudly announce our Top 10 Best Sellers for 2018.  Of these ten, four are new products introduced in 2018.  The average price is £31.50 but the top three products are all £25.  A monogrammed gift from Initially London is personal, practical and stylish and doesn’t cost a fortune either.  Which may be why we have so many clients that buy a thing or two for themselves while gift shopping for someone else.

Our business is all about a gorgeous monogram and the ability to create a design that is truly unique and personal from a wide range of font styles and thread colours on our website - or in our studio.  Our exclusive design tool makes creating a monogram so much fun by previewing it on the item you are buying, and then allowing you to change it over and over until the perfect font style and thread colour combination is found.  

Have a look at our best sellers and then keep an eye out for lots of new products that we’ll be introducing over the next few weeks. 

Our Top Ten Monogrammed Best Sellers in 2018

  1. Insulated Water Bottle - We introduced this fantastic stainless steel vacuum bottle in 2018 in response to the outcry over single-use plastic bottles.  There are a lot of these kinds of bottles on the market but ours stands out from the crowd with it’s incredible range of personalisation options.  You can choose from a variety of font styles and colour options for your bottle.  And there are virtually no constraints on the text... use your full name, a single initial, all your initials, a phrase or mantra, even an image or corporate logo (you’ll need to email about special requests like this though).  And at £25 it’s the perfect price point for a gift or a treat for yourself.  Keep your eyes out for our newest introduction... a folding straw lid that allows you to drink on the go without spilling.  It can be purchased on its own or with a bottle.  
  2. Islington Wash Bag - This is an old classic for us, one of our best sellers over several years.  Its chevron pattern is modern and clean and the microfibre material that it is made from is durable, easy to clean and lightweight too.  The variety of colours it comes in allows you to pair an Islington with a Covent Garden Basket, a Yoga Mat, a Turkish Towel or any of our duffle or sport bags by creating a monogram that works on all of them.  The Islington is another £25 indulgence.
  3. St James Wash Bag - Our all-time best seller due to its timeless good looks, durability and its uncanny ability to wear any monogram well.  The cotton seersucker St James works for babies and grannies and everyone in the middle.  Just choose a monogram style that fits each person well.  We love that the St James can be thrown in the washing machine over and over, and come out looking brand new.  It’s the perfect size for travelling, the gym bag or just sitting beside the bathroom sink.
  4. Eaton Duffle - Another classic bag that we’ve been offering since the very start of our business.  It’s basically the perfect, lightweight weekend holdall and we can’t think of any way to make it any better.   At £50 including monogramming, it’s practically perfect in every way (we’ve just seen the new Mary Poppins film...!)
  5. Leather Luggage Tag - A personalised luggage tag is not just stylish but it’s also immensely practical.  Having something on your suitcase that literally shouts your name as it tumbles out of the baggage claim chute saves you time and worry.  Slide a business card into the pocket of our tag to ensure your details are handy if the bag does happen to go astray.  Our monogrammed luggage tags are made of gorgeous grained leather and at £25 are a thoughtful, practical gift. 
  6. Marylebone Notebook - This handy little notebook is the perfect size for your coat pocket or handbag.  We put a monogram on it’s vegan leather cover so when you pull it out in a meeting, you’ll be sure to impress.  The Marylebone Notebook has replaceable inserts inside which give it longevity beyond the pages it comes with, and it also has zip-closed pockets.  Inserts are standard size so they can be purchased from us or at any stationery shop.  This is another £25 wonder.
  7. Fleet Wash Bag - Everybody needs a great wash bag and our Fleet is a great one indeed.  It’s got a classic, preppy look that works especially well for teenagers, young men and women who like the shape of a wide wash bag.  A well-designed monogram turns this bag into something quite unique.  We donated Fleet Wash Bags to the celebrities who made up the SoccerAid England and World teams in 2018.  WHat a thrill it was to see Mo Farah, Damien Lewis, Hussein Bolt, Robbie Williams and more enjoying their bags.
  8. Dulwich Shoe Bag - Muddy football boots and trainers are a parent’s worst nightmare.  So no wonder our monogrammed Dulwich Shoe Bag was so popular last year.  It’s the perfect way to keep wet, muddy boots away from the rest of the sports gear, not to mention your car mats and seats.  A monogrammed shoe bag is a great party favour for a kid’s birthday party, or for a big away game, camp, walking holiday, cycling session... and their popularity is not limited to kids.  At £25, you’ll want one for every set of sports shoes in your family.
  9. Windsor Wash Bag - Simple, elegant, useful, beautiful.  That’s our monogrammed white Windsor Wash Bag in four words.  The crisp white waffle cotton fabric is the perfect background for almost any style and colour monogram.  If you like the one on the photo below, it’s called circle and it was sewn here in purple.  Absolutely gorgeous. Windsor Wash Bags come in two sizes so they make a perfect set for travelling... the large (£30) for toiletries, and the small (£25) for cosmetics.  
  10. Yoga Mat - A monogrammed yoga mat is one of our most unique and popular products for a reason... the embroidery adds a luminous, shimmery texture and when your initials are on your mat, you are grounded there spiritually and physically.  We also love it when people choose a mantra like “Breathe” or a symbol like Om instead of initials for the monogram.  That’s the beauty of our design tool:  you choose exactly what you want for the text, the font style and the thread colour to create the perfect bespoke design.  

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