Are You Ready for The Big Jubilee Lunch?
We were delighted to see our Special Edition Jubilee Napkins were pictured in the Telegraph's Jubilee Lifestyle edition on Saturday 7 May.  
The table was styled by Alice and Jemima Herbert of Lay London as part of a showcase of ideas for 'How to throw a Platinum Jubilee Party fit for a Queen'. 
Here are some of the highlights!
 Lay London: Sisters Jemima and Alice Herbert showcasing their red-white-and blue Jubilee Garden Party © 
Pictured is our Corgi (part of the Special Edition Jubilee Napkins) photographed as part of The Lay London editorial ©
Alice Herbert pictured styling the Jubilee themed tablescape ©
Our picture perfect Marching Lifeguard presented exceptionally in amongst treats for the Jubilee © 
Side View of our Fantastic Corgi amongst the gorgeous contrasted tones and hues of the Jubilee themed colour palette ©
Landscape shot of the stylised Jubilee Tablescape ©
We hope this beautiful editorial piece has inspired you to take a stylised approach to creating your Jubilee themed tablescape over the long holiday weekend!

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