Back to School Monogramming Event
Get excited about going back to School, College or University with something personalised.
Our West London studio is always open, however we are holding a 'Back to School' specific event on the 17th August, where we will showcase our fabulous website offering as well as offering a BYO monogramming service. Discounts will be available on the day. 
Rucksacks, clothing, duffles, bottles, even yoga mats, we mongram them all! Shop our collection in store or bring in some goodies to get them personalised while you wait. You can choose from many different font styles and thread colours to really make your own mark on your item - and show off your individuality!
Please feel free to bring along dogs and children, everyone is welcome to see our colourful working studio and meet the team.
Pricing for bring your own monogrammed goods is based on the number of stitches, which is a direct correlation to the size and complexity of the design. So please email us on with your design ideas so we can give you an accurate quote. But as a general guide:
Smaller items such as handkerchiefs, linens and shirt sleeves start at our flat rate of - £15.00, for quantities greater than 10 we can discount this to £12.50 per item
Medium items such as wash bags and tote bags - £18.00
Large Items such as robes embroidered on the back, pillowcases, throws, yoga mats and baskets - £30.00
Extra large items such as duvets and upholstery - £60.00
All prices include VAT. Quantity discounts may be applied for the same design on multiple items (such as sets of napkins, towels, etc). 

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