Secondhand September - Linens
We always look forward to Second Hand September every year.  We're fans of the local charity and vintage shops near our studio all year round, but the extra attention paid to reusing and recycling throughout this month always provides fresh inspiration. 
Shopping second-hand is the highest expression of sustainable fashion and living.   Second Hand September, which is sponsored by OXFAM,"is a campaign that promotes donating, reusing, rewearing and restyling your clothes during September – and beyond. Explore slow fashion, sustainable fashion and ethical fashion, shop and donate second hand and help create a fairer world. Since 2019, Second Hand September has inspired thousands of people to shop in a way that is kinder to people and planet."
We find the most beautiful table linens at our local FARA, Oxfam and Trinity Hospice shops which we love to bring back to the studio for monogramming.  Monogramming is a great way to transform something old and make it look new and personal. 

This week we found this beautiful block-print tablecloth from An Indian Summer and we fell in love with the combination of pink and red, making it the perfect all-year-round tablecloth.  At Christmas it will work well with all the reds and greens, but equally in summer it will look gorgeous with peonies, anemones, dahlias and roses.

Have a look at some of the napkin styles and monogram designs that we picked out to work with the new tablecloth.

Pink Fringe Napkin with a bespoke two-letter monogram in Monogram Block font

As this is a two-colour font, we were able to bring out the darker pink and burgundy from the tablecloth, while the pale pink of the napkin works with the lighter pink in the cloth
Pink fringe napkin with bespoke monogram font in Monogram Block font

100% Linen napkin with a casual script font called Challista used for a name

The burgundy thread for the monogram works well with the deep red in the tablecloth
Linen napkin with embroidered name

Scallop napkin with a dusty pink monogram font in Handy Script

We love the way the pink thread works with the tablecloth
Scallop napkins with monogram in Handy Script font

Beige Linen Hemstitch Cocktail Napkin with a bespoke motif

The beige linen is a nice contrast to all the pink and white in the tablecloth.  This motif was provided by a client to match her plates. 
Natural linen hemstitch cocktail napkin with a bespoke motif

LOVE motif cocktail napkins 

Well of course we love this! 
Linen hemstitch cocktail napkin with Robert Indiana-inspired LOVE motif

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